Studio81 closes its doors

The independent film and television production centre, Studio81-Leeds, closed its doors at the end of April 2022 to make way for a new housing development by the Clarion Housing Group.  During its 16-year operation, Studio81 has been an integral part of the changing landscape of film and television production in Yorkshire.

Prior to 2006, it was widely believed that drama would only be produced by Yorkshire Television and the remit of the few independent producers in the area would remain news and factual. A small group of freelancers challenged that belief and brought together a steering group to help create a facility to meet the needs of independent drama producers, and attract them to the area. Since then, Studio81 has regularly hosted 2 or 3 drama productions each year to a total of 250 screen- hours with budgets totalling £250m and a regional spend of over £125m.

This is my opportunity to offer thanks to the individuals who gave their time, support and encouragement to the idea that became Studio81.

Brett Wilson, Richard Wood, David Lowen, Nick Wayne, Jo Spreckley, Ralph Coyle, Kay Mellor, John Surtees, Anne Morgan, David Kyte, Simon Brereton, Tom Riordon, James Blakey, Oliver Quarmby, Jenny Glanville, Liz Westbrook, Nicola Poupard; And of course, Joe Davis and Vincent Cook.

Martin Cook

May 2022